Prof. Dr. Aljoscha S. Neubauer

Foto Prof. Neubauer

Prof. A.S. Neubauer MD MBA

is a pharmacoeconomist and MD. He has worked on numerous projects for several disease areas covering a broad range of market access topics.

  • He lists >100 peer-review scientific articles in Medline ( and has significant experience with the AMNOG value dossier writing process, costing, price negotiations and economic modeling.
  • Neubauer has worked for several years as a German market access lead for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. As a physician (ophthalmologist) besides market access a clinical view and insights can be provided.
  • In AMNOG dossiers, focus is on ensuring the adequate strategy and story line of the dossier.
  • In economic modeling transparency and adequate model structure are focus components. Models for Germany mostly focus on Markov-Models, Budget-Impact and Cost-Cost comparisons.
  • Neubauer combines medical expertise with economic and evidence based medicine expertise.


–    Dossiers und Verhandlungsprozess Frühe Nutzenbewertung nach §35a SGB V (AMNOG)
–    Marktzugang von Arzneimitteln gemäß AMNOG und Medizinprodukten
(u.a. Bereiche Onkologie, CV-Met incl. Diabetes, Immunologie, Rheumatologie, Verdauungssystem, Ophthalmologie)
–    Evidenzbasierte Medizin
–    angewandte gesundheitsökomische Untersuchungen, insbesondere im Vergütungsbereich
–    ökonomische Modellierung (z.B. Markov-Modelle, Budget-Impact Modelle) und Simulationen

Publikationen (Zeitschriften)
Zu Gesundheitsökonomie, Modellierung: